ACRES – Farmers Must Complete Training Course In Year 1 To Get Paid

Farmers who are participating in the Agri-Climate Rural Environment Scheme (ACRES) must have an ACRES training course completed to receive their scheme payment.

According to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), ACRES requires all scheme participants to attend a single compulsory training course in the first year of their participation.

“Satisfactory completion of the compulsory course is required before their ACRES payment may issue,” DAFM said.

“An ACRES participant may also opt to attend one voluntary ACRES training course in their third year of participation,” it added.

The amount payable to an ACRES participant who satisfactorily attends an ACRES training course is €156.

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This amount is paid to the approved trainer who runs the course and they will then pay each farmer who satisfactorily attends the full course. The trainer is then paid a fee of €90 in respect of each farmer who attends the course.

The ACRES Training Scheme (ATS) puts a system in place for scheme participants to attend the required training course, DAFM said.

ATS provides for two types of training courses:

  • The compulsory course, to be attended by a scheme participant in the first year of their participation;
  • A voluntary course, one of which may be undertaken by participants in the third year of their participation in ACRES.

The ACRES training courses will be organised and given by ACRES Trainers approved by the Department for this particular Scheme.

ACRES Training Course Objectives

According to DAFM, the objectives of the training is to increase farmers’ understanding of climate change, the impact of farming activities on natural resources, and the protection of biodiversity at farm level.

The training day also aims to educate farmers on how to appropriately implement the scheme actions.

DAFM said the course will equip farmers “with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimise delivery and continue the ongoing management of the commitments undertaken as well as to facilitate the implementation of sustainable farming practices”.

(Source – Agriland – Breifne O Brien – 07/09/2023)

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