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CSO Farm Structure Survey

Everything You Need To Know About Irish Farming.

There were 137,500 farms in Ireland in 2016, of which 137,100 were family farms. This represents a fall in farm numbers by 2,100 since 2013.

The figures are detailed in the Central… Continue reading

Teagasc Issue Key Budget And Management Advice To Help Farmers Bridge The Fodder Gap

With the average deficit in silage stocks on Irish farms estimated to be 28pc of total fodder requirements and many farms having deficits of greater than 40pc requirements, the Teagasc Fodder InterAgecy group have issued advice to farmers on how… Continue reading

Is There Value In Alternative Bedding Options?

With a shortage of fodder on many farms, straw is being looked at as a crucial fibre source for the inclusion in the diets of livestock over the coming winter.


In previous years, it made economic sense to use straw… Continue reading

How Farmers Can Benefit From Tax Breaks On Land Sales If They Are Eligible For ‘Entrepreneur Relief’

The generally held perception is that any disposal of land resulting in a capital gains tax at the rate of 33pc.

This is not always the case as many disposals will qualify for Entrepreneur Relief which offers business asset owners… Continue reading

Safety Chief Pens Open Letter Urging Farmers To Think ‘SAFE’

The head of Northern Ireland’s Health and Safety Executive, Keith Morrison, has penned an open letter urging farmers to take their own safety more seriously.

In his heartfelt plea, Morrison described his frustration seeing the list of names killed in… Continue reading

The Landless Young Sligo Man Who Became A Champion Pedigree Beef Breeder

Peter Casey had no land and drove an ambulance for a living, but that didn’t prevent him scaling the heights in livestock breeding

As a landless young man buying his first pure-bred Hereford, Peter Casey seemed unlikely to have his… Continue reading

‘Hidden Hearing’ Offering Free Hearing Checks To Farmers Over 50 As Part Of Farm Safety Week

Increased Farm Risk: 33% Of Farmers Have Problem Hearing.

The increased risk of farm accidents due to reduced hearing and eyesight as farmers get older was flagged up today (Wednesday, July 18) as part of Farm Safety Week.

Older farmers… Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Heat Stress In Cattle

Cattle are unable to dissipate their heat load very effectively.

Heat stress in cattle - Figure 1 (Image Teagasc)

Heat stress in cattle – Figure 1 (Image Teagasc)

Compared to other animals cattle cannot dissipate their heat load very effectively. Cattle do not sweat effectively and rely on respiration… Continue reading

€uro Star Indexes: How Do I Apply Them To My Herd?

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the €uro-Star Indexes in recent times. Some farmers argue that they have improved overall performance, while others claim they’ve not achieved the desired results.


Speaking at BEEF 2018, the Irish Cattle Breeding… Continue reading

Your Health, Your Safety, Your Choice – Farm Safety Week Gets Under Way

Farm Safety Week takes place nationwide this week aiming to reduce the number of accidents on farms and bring about a change in culture that makes unsafe practices socially unacceptable.

Farm Safety Week is supported by a number of organisation,… Continue reading

Rural Enterprise Skillnet

Rural Enterprise Skillnet

The Rural Enterprise Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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