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Body Condition Score – Are Your Cows On Track For Drying Off?

With the drying-off period only around the corner, one of the key components of setting your cows up for next spring is having them at the correct body condition score (BCS) at drying off.


Ideally, cows should be at a … Continue reading

Report Says Social Class And Postcode Determine Students Access To Highly Paid Careers

Students from well-off backgrounds are still more likely to go to college than those who are disadvantaged, the first study of its kind has found.

collegestudentsinuniversitydoingexamUniversityLectureHallClassroomGeneric_large (1)

Almost one fifth (19%) of students come from an ‘affluent’ household, according to a wide-ranging… Continue reading

Is The Irish Salmon Doomed To A Watery Grave?

The number of adult fish returning to our coast has dropped from 2m in the 1970s to 250,000. Catches are at an all-time low. Extinction is a possibility, says John Murphy.

Salmon may become extinct in Ireland in our… Continue reading

Badger Culls Risk Increased Spread Of TB To Cattle, Study Finds

Culling badgers drives them to roam further afield, allowing them to disperse tuberculosis over a larger area, new research suggests.

The culls might thus increase the risk of TB spreading to cattle, the scientists behind the study warn.

The government… Continue reading

Five Years On, Ballyshannon Clock Shows It’s Face Again

Major restoration project almost complete.

A hands-on approach - Cllr Barry Sweeny at work on the new clock face

A hands-on approach – Cllr Barry Sweeny at work on the new clock face

A new face for Ballyshannon town clock is almost complete thanks to a huge community effort.
The clock was damaged beyond… Continue reading

Solar PV – Cost Effective Solution For Heating Water And Reducing Electricity Bills

6.5kWp Local Power Ltd install on dairy farm in Cavan

6.5kWp Local Power Ltd install on dairy farm in Cavan

Rooftop solar PV offers farmers a reliable and cost-effective solution for heating water from renewable electricity generation.

This was said by Local Power Ltd, the experts in solar PV and… Continue reading

What Are The Benefits Of Raddling Rams For The Breeding Season?

With the breeding season in full swing, farmers who plan to lamb down their flocks in March will have let their rams out to the ewes by now.

It is well documented that not enough record keeping takes place on… Continue reading

Do You Struggle With A Small Garden? 7 Hacks To Make It Look Bigger

Use mirrors to give the illusion of space (iStock-PA)

Use mirrors to give the illusion of space (iStock-PA)

If your garden is the side of a postage stamp and you just want a feeling of space when you step outside, landscape expert Gena Lorainne of home care specialist Fantastic… Continue reading

Dairy Bull Genetically Edited To Produce Hornless Calves

The technology has been proposed as an alternative to de-horning, a common practice used to protect other cattle and human handlers from injuries.

A horned bull has fathered six hornless calves after scientists edited its genome in a bid to… Continue reading

Don’t Be Frightened Off By Pension Scare Stories

Those working in the agriculture, fishing and forestry sectors have relatively low private pension coverage compared to other sectors of the economy, at just 28.1%.


On the ground, it’s clear that a host of factors result in such low coverage,… Continue reading

Rural Enterprise Skillnet

Rural Enterprise Skillnet

The Rural Enterprise Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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