Donegal County Council Announce A New Thatch Repair Grant Scheme

Over twenty thatched buildings on record of protected structures in Donegal.

Donegal County Council has announced a new thatch repair grant scheme to assist the owners and occupiers of thatched dwellings with their continued maintenance and use.
At present, there are over twenty thatched buildings on the record of protected structures for County Donegal and many more are eligible for inclusion.
The grant scheme will provide specialist advice to owners on the conversion of thatched roofs, allocated funding for small-scale thatch repairs and help homeowners carry out necessary repairs under conversion supervision.

New Thatch Repair Grant Scheme Announced

New Thatch Repair Grant Scheme Announced

Applications are open until 12 noon on Friday, May 31.

“County Donegal is home to one of the largest surviving concentrations of thatch structures in Ireland.
“Our thatched buildings are one of the most iconic and enduring images of County Donegal”.

“They lend character to our cultural landscapes, they are indicative of our sense of place, our traditional skills and our resourcefulness, they can be sensitively adapted to meet modern family demands, they invoke our diaspora and support our tourism industry,” said Joseph Gallagher, County Donegal Heritage Officer .
He added that despite their importance and potential, the loss of thatched buildings, especially in recent years, has been considerable.

“Donegal County Council recognises the contribution that thatched dwellings and outbuildings make to our cultural landscape, employment, economy and tourism. This pilot grant scheme is a recognition of their importance. The thatch repair grants scheme is funded by Donegal County Council and the Creative Ireland programme as part of the implementation of the County Donegal Heritage Plan,” he said.
Traditionally rope thatching was the dominant thatching method in County Donegal although scollop thatching could also be found in parts of east Donegal. Historic thatch materials varied considerably depending on the local vegetation cover and farming practices. Thatching materials used included wheat straw, oat straw, rye straw, flax, marram grass, water reed and even rushes.

(Source – Donegal Democrat – Michelle NicPhaidin – 20/05/2019)


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