Farm Safely in 2014

The subject of safety on the farm has risen to the forefront of many minds following incidents which have taken place on farms throughout Ireland during the past year. The statistics show that agriculture is still the highest risk occupation. Serious injury and fatality have become the stark reality.

The big four hazards fall into groups relating to slurry, animals, falls and equipment. This message was reinforced by video interviews with farmers who had suffered tragedies on the farm and who had lived to tell the tale. The common thread was one of just how simply an everyday situation on the farm can escalate into a potentially disastrous one in a fraction of a second.

The message to farmers is to Stop and Think. Step back for a moment to assess the dangers and think SAFE – Slurry, Animals, Falls, Equipment.

Within the overall statistics there are high risk groups. On the family farm there are likely to be several generations involved in activities with older farmers over sixty five years and younger children under ten years old particularly vulnerable.

Farm accidents can have a wide impact on a farm family and the consequences of continuing ill health and suffering affect other family members.

So let us endeavour to make 2014 healthy and accident free on the farm.

Rural Enterprise Skillnet facilitate many training courses with an emphasis on farming safely (e.g. chainsaw operation & stock handling). Why not become a MED member and avail of subsidised training.

All course enquiries to Gerry Gallagher (Tel. 071 9858252 or 087 685 8550)

 (Source – Farming Life – 07/01/2014)

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