Free Online Stress Control Programme In Donegal During September

Stress rescue for coping with Covid-19 from HSE Health.


HSE Health and Wellbeing is hosting a free stress control online programme this September.

The programme, which helps participants deal with their stress and learn skills to support their mental wellbeing, is made up of six online sessions of an hour and half each. To join simply go to to register.

This is the fourth series in the stress control programme. Over 10,000 people have already participated in the programme since April.

This is a free and user-friendly resource for people to access in this time of increased uncertainty, where some people may be finding they are experiencing increased levels of worry due to the impacts of Covid-19.

Speaking about the programme, Dr Christina Corbett, HSE senior clinical psychologist commented: “As we all continue to deal with the everyday challenges presented to us, being able to manage anxiety and build resilience are key skills to have.

“This stress control programme contains lots of useful and practical ways to manage and cope with feelings of stress, and depression. It has also been shown to improve our mental health wellbeing.”

Programme resources are available online, are free of charge and include information booklets, relaxation and mindfulness tools to support people to find what works for them.

How to Participate

To access the Stress Control sessions, visit

Users who wish to subscribe to Stress Control’s YouTube page, (this is a free subscription) will receive notifications when a new session is available.

Additional mental health resources can be found at

HSE Health and Wellbeing next stress control online course will take place on the following dates:

Session 1: Introduction. What is stress? – Monday, September 7: 2pm and 8.30pm

Session 2: Controlling your body – Thursday, September 10 2pm and 8.30pm

Session 3: Controlling your thoughts – Monday, September 14 2pm and 8.30pm

Session 4: Controlling your actions – Thursday, September 17 2pm and 8.30pm

Session 5: Controlling panicky feelings and getting a good night’s sleep – Monday, September 21 2pm and 8.30pm.

Session 6: Boosting your wellbeing, tying it all together and controlling your future – Thursday, September 24 2pm and 8.30pm.

The six sessions are 90 minutes a session and will cover different topics. Participants are encouraged to watch all sessions, but participants can join at any stage for one or more session.

All sessions will be available for 48 hours after first broadcast.

(Source – Donegal Democrat / Donegal Live – Staff Reporter – 03/09/2020)

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