Gardaí Issue Reminder To Renew Firearm Licences

Gardaí are encouraging firearm owners to submit their fully completed licence renewals once the form is received in the post.

Gardaí said that some people have not filled out the new form and have had to surrender their firearms and ammunition because they were unlicensed.

“A firearm without a licence is an illegally held firearm subject to seizure for being unlicensed,” gardaí said in a statement.

If an owner no longer wishes to retain firearms or ammunition, they can be surrendered to a local garda station, where they will then be destroyed at no charge.

A certificate obtained through any garda station is required to own a gun.

Owning A Firearm

Any person over 14 years of age can apply for a firearms training certificate.

The training certificate does not entitle the holder to actually own one and the certificate can only apply to a non-restricted firearm.

The person must always be under the supervision of a specified person over 18 years of age who holds a firearm certificate in respect of it.

Gardaí have also outlined correct storage laws for different types of guns:

  • One non-restricted shotgun: Should be disassembled and each part shall be stored securely and separately when not in use. The trigger housing shall be secured against use with an appropriate trigger lock;
  • One restricted firearm, or three or fewer non-restricted firearms: The firearm(s) should be stored in a gun safe which complies with BS 7558 and which shall be securely fixed to a solid structure;
  • Two restricted firearms, or more than three non-restricted firearms: The exact same procedures should be followed as with one restricted firearm, but also the place that the firearms are stored shall have an alarm fitted and the external doors to the place shall be fitted with locks;
  • Three or more restricted firearms or six or more firearms, of any type, kept in the same place: In addition to the firearm procedures just stated, the place in which the firearms are stored shall have an intruder alarm system, installed and maintained by installers licensed by the Private Security Authority.

According to published figures by gardaí, at the end of 2021, a total of 191,598 firearm certificates were active.

That figure does not include applications for renewal which were granted, but not yet paid, or applications that were in progress, but not fully considered.

(Source – Agriland – Louise Hickey – 24/08/2023)

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