Garrison’s Barry Carty To Host DAERA Farm Walk

Host farmer Barry Carty and CAFRE programme adviser Darryl Boyd discussing plans for the forthcoming event.

Host farmer Barry Carty and CAFRE programme adviser Darryl Boyd discussing plans for the forthcoming event.

The open farm event on Thursday 5th September will have two sessions with the first commencing at 2pm and the second at 7pm. The farm is situated at 47 Brollagh road, Garrison, BT93 4AE and will be signposted from Garrison village. This event is free with all interested farmers welcome.

Barry Carty, who farms at Garrison, Co. Fermanagh has been a participant in the Better Farm Beef Challenge NI programme for the past three years. This programme which is a joint initiative with Cafre, ABP food group and the Irish Farmers Journal has ten farm participants from across N. Ireland who are used to highlight practices that are helping them improve their profitability. Since joining the programme Barry has made many changes to his farming practices which will be highlighted at an open event at his farm on Thursday 5th September.

Barry is focusing on producing high quality calves from his 60 cow suckler herd suitable for sale as weanlings or year-olds at local livestock markets. Due to a poor soil type and multiple land blocks Barry splits his calving periods between autumn and spring. DIY Artificial Insemination is used across the majority of the herd.  He uses terminal Charolais sires across all cows with replacement breeding stock purchased locally.  Spring born 2018 steers had an average sale weight of 446 kilos making £1,024 per head at 13.5 months.

Extensive drainage works has helped Barry make better use of grass, both grazed and baled as silage. In 2018 first cut silage analysis showed a D-value of 70 whilst in 2019 he has produced some of the best first cut silage within the programme with a D-value of 74.

Who: Barry Carty’s Farm

Where: 47 Brollagh road, Garrison, BT93 4AE

When: Thursday, September 5th

Time: 2pm & 7pm

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