Highly Polluting Smoky Solid Fuels To Be Banned In Ireland In 2022

Strict standards for domestic solid fuels are to be introduced within a year, meaning the most polluting of home-heating fuels will no longer be available.

The regulations, which are currently being finalised, will effectively put in place a national smoky… Continue reading

BCG Vaccination Of Badgers Could Be ‘Highly Effective’ In Reducing TB Incidence – Report

A three-year field study in Co. Kilkenny looked at the efficacy of the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination in badgers, and found that it could be a highly effective means of reducing the incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in badger populations.

The… Continue reading

Research Explores Veterinary Drugs As Potential Groundwater Contaminants

Joint research between Trinity College Dublin and Teagasc has been conducted to determine the presence of veterinary drugs in Irish groundwaters.

Anthelmintics – used to control parasitic worms (called helminths) in food-producing animals on pasture-based diets – and anticoccidials –… Continue reading

Key Dates And What Covid-19 Restrictions Will Change In September?

The Government has agreed and announced Ireland’s plan for the next and final phase of our response to the Covid-19 pandemic Covid-19: Reframing the Challenge, Continuing Our Recovery and Reconnecting.

There are a number of key dates in the reopening… Continue reading

Can I Still Buy A Property With My Pension?

Property has been and continues to be a very popular investment asset in Ireland. With both house prices and rentals continuing to increase, people are looking at tax efficient ways of investing in property.

Using your small self-administered pension scheme… Continue reading

Did You Travel Or Work On The Donegal Railways?

Donegal Heritage Railway Museum is looking for people who travelled or worked on any of the railways across County Donegal.

62 years ago – The Last Train to Run on the Donegal Railways Network

Niall McCaughan, Manager of the Museum… Continue reading

Vintage Tractor Collectors Sale Expected To Attract Plenty Of Interest

With the first Collectors Sale of classic and vintage machinery hosted by Euro Auctions being hailed as a resounding success, a new date has been announced for the second sale in Northern Ireland this Saturday, August 28, at the stunning… Continue reading

While Accountants Can’t Predict The Future, They Can Set Out A Good Financial Plan For You

Farm Money Advice 

Clairvoyants, Psychics, Mind Readers, Crystal ball gazers, Horoscope and Tarot Card Readers, oracles, palmers, fortune tellers and certain postmen from Donegal.

The variety of titles afforded to these tea-leaf gazers is in of itself a display of… Continue reading

Boundary Blade A New Tool For Farmers On The Ground?

A new tool is set to hit Irish shelves across the country which will likely be of interest to many livestock farmers.

Dubbed the “Boundary Blade”, this gadget combines a pocketknife with a fence tester for a simple but effective… Continue reading

Are You Storing Bales Correctly And Safely?

Once bales have been removed and transported from the field it is important that they are stored correctly and safely.

Incorrect storage of bales can not only cause harm to people working near them and harm to the environment, but… Continue reading

Rural Enterprise Skillnet

Rural Enterprise Skillnet

The Rural Enterprise Skillnet is funded by member companies and the Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd. funded from the National Training Fund through the Department of Education and Skills.

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