Slurry Spreading Deadline To Close In Just Over 2 Weeks

The closed period for spreading slurry – as well as farmyard manure – is scheduled to close in just over two weeks.

Spreading slurry

Farmers will not be allowed to spread organic manures on their land from November 1 onwards.

An extension to the slurry spreading deadline was granted by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, at the Tullamore Show and FBD National Livestock Show on Sunday, August 12.

Following a difficult summer due to drought conditions, the minister granted the extension so farmers could capitalise on autumn grass growth for fodder production.

Farmers have been prohibited from spreading chemical fertiliser since the end of last month. No extension was granted to the deadline for spreading farmyard manure.

The aim of the closed period is to protect ground and surface water, including drinking water.

The regulations also prohibit the spreading of slurry at any time of the year when the ground is frozen or waterlogged – or when heavy rain is forecast – in order to prevent slurry running off into waterways.


The closed period for spreading chemical fertiliser, organic fertiliser and farmyard manure comes to an end at different times during the month of January – depending on what part of the country you are situated in.

(Source – Agriland – Conor Finnerty – 15/10/2018)

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