Ten Reasons To Download Teagasc’s New App

Teagasc has launched a new exciting app which will provide regular information and updates to the farming, agricultural and food communities directly to users’ phones.

These daily updates are provided seven days a week and available for both Android and iPhone users.  

This new communication channel will complement the existing flow of updates provided through traditional, digital, and social media channels.

To download the app, click here, or continue reading to learn ten reasons why farmers need to download Teagasc’s new app.

Ten Reasons Why

Receive the latest information from Teagasc

Find out about all Teagasc’s upcoming events. All national events and special interest local events will be profiled.

Get post event reports and information from Teagasc’s national farm walks, open days, seminars, and conferences.

Receive time critical updates

Teagasc’s specialists, advisors and researchers will keep farmers updated on all important information and updates, on a wide range of topics.

Receive information on a wide range of enterprises

The app provides a regular flow of relevant information on all main farming enterprises: Dairy; beef; sheep; and tillage.

Additionally, relevant information is provided on: Food; forestry; farm business; horticulture; pigs and poultry; and the environment.

Select enterprises that are of interest to you

Use the personalisation feature to select the enterprises and information that is of interest to you and relevant to your farming business.

Use the app when you are offline

Teagasc’s app allows you to read articles and information even when you are not connected to the internet.

Enlarge the app’s text for easier reading

Many smart phone screens are small, making it difficult to read information.

Teagasc’s app allows you to increase the size of the text to make it easier to read – this is ideal for when you don’t have your reading glasses.

Easily access all publications, podcasts, webinars

The app provides online access to all Teagasc’s major publications such as Today’s Farm. 

It also has links to all Teagasc’s podcasts once they are released. Also, the recordings of all Teagasc’s webinars can be accessed too.

Adapt to climate change challenges

The biggest challenge facing agriculture in Ireland is reducing emissions.

Teagasc’s app has regular advice and information on what farmers can do to reduce their emissions.

Regular updates on the latest technologies available to mitigate emissions are being provided too.

Hear from demonstration farmers across Ireland

The Signpost Programme, Future Beef Programme and DairyBeef 500 all have demonstration farmers who are changing and adapting their farming systems. 

There are regular updates from these farmers on the changes and challenges of farming sustainably provided on Teagasc’s app.

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(Source – Agriland – Agriland Team – 27/07/2022)

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